Last weekend I decided to do another experiment outdoor. This time I wanted to be close to water, so I choose the pristine Walchensee. It is one of the deepest, biggest lakes in the Alps and very old and cold. When I am there I always get a solemn awareness of time. I imagine this whole huge area filled with gigantic glaciers and who knows what else?

When the sun went down temperature dropped drastically. I realized that my sleeping place right at the water front wasnt ideal for hiding or using a big light – anyone could see me from anywhere.

So I stayed in the dark and that was phantasic because I could see all the shooting stars and my eyes and ears got extremely sensitive to the smallest sensations. It feels as if every part of the body becomes a sensor..and yes – antenna for subtle movements!

And then finally .. coffee time at 5:30 in the morning.

One of the best moments of the night,
apart from the gentle hoots of the owls and countless shooting stars and night animals rambling in the wood – causing temporary panic attacs (just as effective as strong coffee to stay awake..).